British Telecommunications. The most established telecommunications company in the world.
Nóra Stern
Carrier Account Manager, Budapest

means the different units in an SSC provide their services for a variety of clients. In BT ROC we work for BT Global Services, whose clients are the biggest multinational corporations in the world. The job is challenging, but interesting and rewarding as well, and you’ll be learning the ins and outs of global business culture, which will be invaluable in the future.


broadly describes the activities undertaken in an SSC. Employees may come from any educational background, but in the end, what they do will support other business functions. Those functions can be in-house, but typically they are abroad, in the headquarters of the company, or anywhere in the world where the company or its clients operate.
That is exactly the reason why excellent command of English is a must, and why we welcome any additional languages you speak. Chances are you’ll be able to use them.


means that there are a lot different functions under one roof. The most typical are HR administration, recruitment, financial services, customer service, IT support, but in BT’s case we also have network engineers and product specialists working on global challenges.
An SSC is an incredibly colourful place, where you’ll be working with people from very different walks of life. It’s like meeting the world in one place.


Most of the activities in an SSC follow certain paths. In some cases all of the required steps are precisely defined, in others you have greater independence in choosing the ones that lead to the right outcome.
At BT, we especially treasure those who thrive in the latter circumstances.
People with a knack for complex decision-making can go a long way with us.

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We offer competitive
salary and benefits,
and top-notch
training opportunities
for fresh graduates and
experienced professionals alike.
To get ahead of the competition,
join BT and level up!
Zoltán Antal
Capacity and Availability Analyst, Budapest

the future
    with us.

Our purpose is to use
the power of communication
to make a better world.
We have long-term plans,
and are looking for
enthusiastic partners
to execute them well.
Join BT for stability and growth.
Dzsenifer Sastin
Installation Coordinator, Budapest

write your

We love to see you succeed,
and trust you with
all the support you need.
Make the most of it!
Discover your path
and join BT
for truly global career opportunities.
Attila Nedim Barus
Project Manager, Budapest

are fine,
we are

We know that employee
wellbeing is at the heart of
a healthy workplace,
where people enjoy coming
in every day. Or every other day.
We find the arrangement that
suits you best. Join BT, and enjoy
the benefits of trust and flexibility.
Péter Bakos
Team Manager, Budapest


Our task is to make
the most innovative technologies available
for the biggest companies
on the globe.
If you are up to the challenge,
join BT and help us lead the way.
Krisztina Forró
Project Manager, Budapest

About BT

BT is one of the world's leading communications services companies. Our purpose is as simple as it is ambitious: to use the power of communications to make a better world.

Our Global Services line of business is a leading business communications provider. With more than 17,000 people worldwide, we provide networked IT services to 5,500 multinational companies in 180 countries.

Operated by BT Global Services, BT ROC is the most attractive company in Hungary’s services sector*. In our Budapest and Debrecen offices more than 2,300 colleagues support global business operations in 11 main units. Most of the activities are centered around Customer Service, Service Assurance, Finance, HR, Inside Sales, Network Design and Project Management.

While specific requirements vary by position, all of our people possess outstanding language and communication skills, and they are dedicated team players with excellent commercial understanding. We work in a complex and fast environment, so flexibility and advanced problem-solving skills are also highly appreciated in all business units.

The work is challenging indeed but in return we really do try to give our employees ample opportunities to grow and learn, to make careers, to have families, to feel that their contribution matters, and their peers and superiors are reliable sources of professional support and guidance. We believe that there’s no greater motivator than trust, so that is what we’ve built our culture on, alongside openness and honesty. If you’ve worked in any SSC, you’ll be surprised how much autonomy you can get here; we’re not a fan of the box.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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Top Employer Branding Initiative (2018)
Most Attractive Employer, SSC sector / Legvonzóbb munkahely, SSC szektor (2017)
Family-friendly Mentor / Családbarát Mentorszervezet (2017)
Gold Exemplary Employer Branding Award (2017)
Best University-Business cooperation of the Year in CEE (2017)
Family-friendly Company / Családbarát Munkahely (2012, 2014, 2016)
Best SSC in CEE Region (2016)
Best Shared Service of Excellence in Hungary / A Legjobb Szolgáltató Központ (2015)
Diversity Ambassador Employer / Sokszínűségi Nagykövet Munkaadó (2015)

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Address: 1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 91.
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Address: 4024 Debrecen, Vár u. 3.

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Company information

Parent company: BT
Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Budapest, Debrecen, Hungary
Established: 2007
Company size: 2200

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Overall score 7.1
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2017-06-13, 14:02

Many business units with variety of roles that can provide great career opportunities. As far as I realized, the company encourages the employees to go ahead with their ideas and find their own way (self-learning, exploring ways of working etc.) but supports them at the same time. My work is back office type and I already worked in 3 roles by now (horizontal and vertical moves). I appreciated the possibilities when i wanted to learn and grow, and i investigated the route as well. As a last sentence: summer parties are great! :-)


2016-06-03, 16:04

I'm quite new here, but due to my friendly co-workers, every 'inside' info catch my ears too. There are too many managers I think, the hierarchy is not really clear for me (yet…) The office is modern and good to use. These are my impressions so far.


2016-05-19, 14:02

Lots of varied work. A lot of fast moving things happen all at once. I like this dinamic atmospere here. The environment is also great, having opportunity to working from home is also makes BT nicer for me.

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