Welcome to Computacenter (CC)

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Established: 1981
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Company size: 15 000+
International Service Center - Hungary
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Established: 2013
Company size: 350+

Website: www.computacenter.com

Professional Areas / Functions

IT Service Desk
Finance & Accounting
Supply Chain
Corporate Functions

About Computacenter (CC)

Computacenter is Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business.

Our office in Hungary opened in 2013 as a strategic location for the group, we started with 10 agents by the time, currently our family has grown by over 350 colleagues in different professional areas as Customer Service, Finance & Accounting and Supply Chain.

You are welcome to join the CC family!

Hungary Center - Key Facts & Figures

25 Nationalities
18 Languages Spoken
50% Female talent in
leadership roles
86 % Gen Y
300 jobs created
and still growing

SSC Heroes Scorecard

Overall score 5.3
Career opportunities
(32 ratings)
(33 ratings)
(33 ratings)
Work-life balance
(33 ratings)
Comp & benefits
(32 ratings)
(33 ratings)
(32 ratings)
(32 ratings)
Food & drinks
(33 ratings)

What do you say?


2017-06-13, 08:08

I worked there for almost a year and I rather had difficulties than a good time. The management is irresponsible, the workload and the fluctuation is extreme. Employees are stressed out, often arrogant and very rough to each other.
The commuting and the area is very good, and several other companies are in the vicinity, to raise some thoughts at the end of the day.
To sum it up, after some time I decided to hit the ESC button.


2016-09-21, 14:02

I work as Financial Associate by the company in my lovely team. We work hard, but good mood always guaranteed. If looking for challenges you will find them here.

PS. We have the best team leader ever!


2016-08-11, 13:01

Management are prone to Groupthink. This leads to dysfunctional decision-making. There was zero Staff development and pay was appalling in accordance to industry pay grade. Ineffective leadership and full of old school boy misogynist who know that they need to change their business style but scared of doing so, because it shows how much they lack in Management skills. Also if you were not located in their Headquarters or if your face didn't fit. You were Isolated, Blackballed or even bullied.
they care more about quantity and not quality of work. In short they do not care about the general wellbeing of the Staff or the Customer in which they serve. There HR department are nothing short of timewasters. And yearly review is not modelled for 1st or 2nd level support teams.

- I am a very unhappy and bitter former staff member of Computacenter Hungary, who was kept in the dark bullied and patronised for a better part of 2 years. But I have found that with self-belief and a positive attitude you can find a company and a career that will value you as a human being. And not seen as a machine.

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