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Industry: Digital Industrial
Established: 1892
Company size: 310 000
Countries: 170+

Global Operations Center - Budapest

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Established: 2014
Company size: 1900
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Career stories

Kiss Fanni
How can an inside sales specialists help improve GE?
I work as an inside sales specialist with Global Operations at the Center in Budapest, Hungary. We are currently running a campaign on behalf of GE Healthcare for German-speaking countries for mammography systems.
Natalia Guerra Alayon
Before working at GE I was not aware of how big the world was (although I had lived and worked in 3 different Countries before coming to Hungary) but here I found open doors, and willingness to receive new ideas. I now understand the value of sharing my everyday life with people of so many different religions, languages, cultures, etc. I think this is one of the most valuable things I have ever experienced.
Péter Mikó
It is very motivating to work in a community where I am happy with the people around me and where I can feel that I am surrounded with an organizational culture that can be evolved only during a long period of time. And GE has already have 123 years behind its back, thus I can hardly imagine a place which would be more capable to make me feel good and motivated in my everyday work. I honestly hope I have a long and prosperous journey ahead of me working for this company.

GE Fun facts

53 nationalities
37 languages spoken
63% female talent
72% Gen Y
35+ countries covered

About the company

GE has been operating in Hungary since the end of 1989, when it made a strategic investment in Hungarian lamp manufacturer Tungsram, acquiring its 50% + 1 shares. Currently GE has 10,000+ associates in Hungary; of them 9,000 are working in the industrial businesses and 1,600+ employees in GE’s Global Operations Center, Budapest. At the end of 2012 GE signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Hungarian Government. As a supplier, GE’s 21st century energy, transportation, healthcare, water and lighting solutions can help Hungary to develop and increase its competitiveness. The key to this success is GE's culture of partnership with our associates, with local communities, with the business & scientific community and with the government.

Global Operations Center - Budapest

The Global Operations Center in Budapest was inaugurated in February 2014 by Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, is one of the four world-class centers. Other centers are located in Cincinnati, US; Pudong, China and Monterrey, Mexico.
We, at Global Operations Center in Budapest, are a driving force for GE to become smarter, better and faster. We collaborate, we work hard, we thrive on the opportunity we have here to be the best shared services operations in the world and we give it our best every time! The Center is based at the environment-friendly facility in Vaci Greens. We aim to have a workforce of 2000 by 2017. The Center provides multifunctional integrated shared services to GE businesses in over 35+ countries throughout Europe and beyond. Our staff, of which 62% are women and 71% Generation Y, is multicultural speaking a total of 37 languages. 80% of the staff is Hungarian and the other 20% comprises 52 nationalities.



SSC Heroes Scorecard

Overall score 6.8
Career opportunities
(12 ratings)
(13 ratings)
(12 ratings)
Work-life balance
(11 ratings)
Comp & benefits
(12 ratings)
(11 ratings)
(10 ratings)
(11 ratings)
Food & drinks
(11 ratings)

What do you say?


2017-07-13, 15:03

Seems to be unreal that employees rated GE's work-life balance for 6 points, it is maximum 3, or that they think management is 7. They might have been working for an oher GE . They do not care about individuals or want to understand the needs of an individual working for them. Just a typical corporate comany.


2016-05-18, 21:09

I worked at GE as an HR intern. It was my first workplace and it made me love working in an SSC environment. I had the opportunity to practice and improve my language skills, to gain experience working with different systems (like Oracle, CRM) and in a fast-paced environment. My leaders were really helpful, they put emphasis on my progression and future. I would definitely recommend it for university students, it is the best place to start your career.


2014-10-26, 19:07

Excellent place for people who wants to be part of building new center, who likes to create, challange way of doing things.

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