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Access Management

The process responsible for allowing users to make use of IT services, data or other assets.

Account Manager

A role that is very similar to that of the business relationship manager, but includes more commercial aspects.

ACW - After Call Work

Also: WUP

A period of time immediately after contact with the customer is completed and any supplementary work is undertaken by the Agent, in relation to that interaction.

Agent - Agent

The person who receives and makes customer telephone calls. May also deal with customer correspondence and customer e-mails. Also known as Customer Advisor or Customer Representative.

ATS - Agreed Service Time

A synonym for service hours, commonly used in formal calculations of availability. See also downtime.

Application Management

The function responsible for managing applications throughout their lifecycle.

ASP - Application Service Provider

It is an external service provider that provides IT services using applications running at the service provider’s premises.

Asset Management

A generic activity or process responsible for tracking and reporting the value and ownership of assets throughout their lifecycle.

ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

It is an international association, provides comprehensive qualifications for accountants and finance experts.

ACD - Automatic Call Distribution

Use of information technology to direct an incoming telephone call to the most appropriate person in the shortest possible time. ACD is sometimes called automated call distribution.

AM - Availability Management

The process responsible for ensuring that IT services meet the current and future availability needs of the business in a costeffective and timely manner.

AHT - Average Handling Time

The amount of time it takes an Agent to deal with all aspects of a call – includes talk time plus after call work

ASA - Average Speed Of Answer

The average time (typically in seconds) for calls to be answered in the call centre. This needs to be treated carefully since it deals with the arithmetic mean. For example if 9 calls were answered immediately and at a very busy period one call waited for 10 minutes to be answered – it would treat the average speed of answer at one minute – even though 90% of calls were answered immediately.

BSC - Balanced Scorecard

A scorecard that shows a range of measures – typically based around graphs or traffic lights – that shows on a single sheet of paper how a call centre is performing.


A baseline that is used to compare related data sets as part of a benchmarking exercise.

BMP - Best Management Practice

The BMP portfolio includes guidance on IT service management and project, programme, risk, portfolio and value management. There is also a management maturity model as well as related glossaries of terms.

BCM - Business Continuity Management

The business process responsible for managing risks that could seriously affect the business.

BCP - Business Continuity Plan

A plan defining the steps required to restore business processes following a disruption. The plan also identifies the triggers for invocation, people to be involved, communications etc.

BIA - Business Impact Analysis

Business impact analysis is the activity in business continuity management that identifies vital business functions and their dependencies.

Business Objective

The objective of a business process, or of the business as a whole. Business objectives support the business vision, provide guidance for the IT strategy, and are often supported by IT services.

Business Operations

The day-to-day execution, monitoring and management of business processes.

BPM - Business Process Management

It is the field in operations management that focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing the business processes.

BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

Taking a business task and getting another company to deliver it. This term is typically used to mean moving call centres and other business functions to India and other lower cost countries.

BRM - Business Relationship Manager

A role responsible for maintaining the relationship with one or more customers. This role is often combined with the service level manager role.

BSM - Business Service Management

The management of business services delivered to business customers. Business service management is performed by business units.

BSC - Business Support Center

It is a department or subunit that provides supporting services to other departments/subunits. It’s very similar to Shared Service Center.

BTA - Business Travel Account

It is a plastic-less central billing account designed to be used as a payment vehicle for air and rail charges. It can also be used for hotel and car rental bookings and can be particularly useful for large groups, infrequent employee travelers, and non-employee travelers, such as consultants and job applicants.

CAB - Change Advisory Board

A group of people that support the assessment, prioritization, authorization and scheduling of changes.

CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst

It is a professional designation given by the CFA Institute, formerly AIMR, that measures the competence and integrity of financial analysts. Candidates are required to pass three levels of exams covering areas such as accounting, economics, ethics, money management and security analysis.

CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration is a general term covering any kind of integration between computers and telephone systems. It is most commonly used to refer to systems where an application displays detailed screens relating to incoming or outgoing telephone calls.

CMS - Configuration Management System

A set of tools, data and information that is used to support service asset and configuration management.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

This term is widespread in business and means “The ethics of a company” e.g. do they pollute the environment etc. It is also confused with CSR describing and agent in the call centre.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

This software is part of the ERP system. It handles communication between the company and customers.

CSAT - Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

CSR - Customer Service Representative

A person employed in a call centre to answer the phone. Another name for this is Agent or Advisor. Care should be taken using this term as it also can be used as

DMS - Document Management System

It is a system (based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

The means of determining staffing and occupancy levels for Front- and Back-Office staff.

EMEA - Europe, the Middle East and Africa

It is a shorthand designation meaning Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is used by institutions and governments, as well as in marketing and business.

FP&A - Financial Planning and Analysis

The process of compiling and analyzing an organization's long term financial strategy.

FCR - First Call (Contact) Resolution

A measure of relative success for an individual interaction. Usually defined in terms of a single customer or account, a single issue or order and a predefined time range for a response to have taken place. Example: If a customer choses a set of particular Options on an IVR or an Agent appends a particular Result Code to an Account and the customer contacts the supplier/provider regarding the same criteria within (7) days, then that interaction would have failed FCR. Usually expressed as a percentage of the overall interaction volume.

GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

The standard framework of guidelines for financial accounting used in any given jurisdiction; generally known as accounting standards or standard accounting practice.

GAM - Global Account Manager

A person who works for a company and is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with particular customers.

HRBP - HR Business Partner

It is a position which responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management in designated business units. The position serves as a consultant to management on human resource-related issues.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Asks customers to press a button on their telephone key pad to select which service they want. The technology then routes the call to the most appropriate agent to handle the enquiry! Or it can ask customers to use their own telephone keypad to key information that will help the agent to validate who they are e.g. account numbers.

ICCA - International Customer Contact Analysis

It is a customer satisfaction measuring method.

ITIL - IT Infrastructure Library

Comprehensive and iter-related codes of practice. In IT community such code of good practice was / is very useful in terms of achieving the efficient support and delivery of high quality, cost effective IT services.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

A (percentage) measure of (work) volume versus success criteria, by which the relative performance of a work unit is measured. Defines the targets and measures against which the Centre, the Teams and the Agents must perform. Usually based on a balanced scorecard of measures covering both efficiency and effectiveness.

Kick-Off Call/Meeting

The first meeting or phone call among the project stakeholders.

KMS - Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System

LAN - Local Area Network

A network located in one building that links terminals, PCs and common equipment e.g. printers to that computers can share information and applications.

MIS - Management Information System

It is focuses on the manager of information technology to provide efficiency and effectiveness or strategy decision making.

PM - Project Manager

A project manager is the person responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. This includes planning, execution and managing the people, resources and scope of the project. Project managers must have the discipline to create clear and attainable objectives and to see them through to successful completion. The project manager has full responsibility and authority to complete the assigned project.

PTP - Purchase To Buy

Also: P2P

It is connecting procurement and invoicing operations through an intertwined business flow that automates the process from identification of a need, planning and budgeting, through to procurement and payment.

PCard - Purchasing Card

Also: Procurement Card

It is a form of company charge card that allows goods and services to be procured without using a traditional purchasing process.

RPO - Recovery Point Objectives

It is the maximum targeted period in which data might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident.

RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

A contractual agreement between a service provider and the organisation specifying specific performance standards to be achieved.

SMT - Service Management Tool / System

Also: SMS

Service Management Tool / System

SSC - Shared Service Center

It is an organization that is responsible for the execution and the handling of specific operational tasks, such as accounting, human resources, payroll, IT, legal, compliance, purchasing, security.


It is an international company that produces psychometric assessment tests for employers to use to evaluate and compare various abilities in job candidates. The type of tests SHL produce include numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic reasoning tests, inductive reasoning tests, personality questionnaires and motivation questionnaires in both paper and online formats. SHL tests are commonly used at assessment centres.

SaaS - Software as a service

The (remote) delivery of an item of software or a system by a provider to a subscriber or user base.

SCM - Supply Chain Management

The oversight of materials, information and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to customer.

TSA - Technical Support Agent

The person who receives and makes customer phone calls and helps customers solve certain technical problems. (e.g. software or hardware settings)

T&E - Travel and Expenses

One of the important heads of accounting that calls for diligence and accuracy. Maintaining complete, up-to-date business travel expense reports are critical for reimbursement, accounting and tax purposes.

UC - Unified Communications

Blending of interaction types; where initial contact was made by Voice, the response may be via email, etc.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

The means by which a voice channel is delivered as Packets through Internet Protocols, using a pr-existing streaming (CODEC) format, such as H.225, H.323 (see also SIP). LINK:

WB - Wallboards

Electronic displays within the physical location of a call centre, used to give the management and agents a view of their own team’s performance. Wallboards can be used to display key performance criteria such as service level or calls queuing, again in real time.

WAN - Wide Area Network

An intra office data network used to connect terminals, computers and equipment across multiple sites.

WFM - Work Force Management

The means of determining and providing Schedules, Forecasting and Adherence for a work force, against historical interaction volumes and known future events.