Frequently Asked Questions


What does SSC mean?

It basically means that an organization centralizes different activities into one service-unit that supplies the business unit with a number of specialised services based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The most common services are: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Logistics, IT, Customer Service, Data Management, Business Administration, Sales and General Management.


Why does this site exist?

This site exists in order to provide information and a social platform for people who are working or interested in working in the SSC sector. It is also a place where job seekers can find and apply to open SSC positions, taking part in a video interview as well.


Why is this site only available in English?

The language of internal communication in all the companies within this sector is English and speaking English at least at an intermediate level is required from any candidate looking to work in the shared service sector.


Who runs this site?

This site is run by GLOBAL WEB SOLUTIONS KFT. registered in Hungary H-8060 Mór, Kert u. 18.  under company number 07-09-025475. In order to aquire more information on GWS Hub, please visit the official website 


On what other channels can I see you?

You can find us on the following social media channels:

Facebook, Jobs Facebook Page , LinkedIn , Youtube , Instagram or Jobs Instagram. We also organize professional events and informal gatherings for SSC professionals. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on the above mentioned social media channels to receive more information.


How can I reach the SSC Heroes team?

You can reach us by writing to [email protected].

How can I search for SSC jobs on the site?

You can easily search for jobs by visiting and using the "filter" button to select your desired criteria.

How can I start with the application process the fastest way possible?

You can use our super fast "fast track application" service which will let you get started with a job application in 1 minute. 

How can I apply for a job?

You can easily apply for a job directly on this site. Select a job you would like to apply for on and click on "APPLY". Then you have to complete an online survey and start the video interview(s) and / or online professional tests that are a requirement for a given job. When you complete the application process, you need to submit it. 

What can I do if the video interview won't start? 

Please make sure your Skype is closed, you have the latest version of Flashplayer downloaded on your computer and that you're using Google Chrome and your browser.  

Where can I see the average salaries for SSC positions in Hungary?  

You can see them on 

What can I advertise on this site? 

You can advertise open SSC positions. Please find detailed information here:

How can I advertise open SSC jobs at my company? 

Please read the information regarding job ad packages here: and send us an email about your desired order to [email protected] 

Who can I contact if I have problems with my account (verification, login, unauthorized access etc.) ?

You can write an email to our Technical Support: [email protected]

Where can I send my CV to receive some assistance and help with my job search?

You can send your CV to [email protected] 

My contact details have changed. How do I update my profile?

Login and select My Profile from the menu. There you can edit your personal information.


I cannot see my company on the list. How can I evaluate it?

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with you company data and if your company fits into the shared service sector profile, we will create a profile for it, so you can start evaluating.


I found incorrect/outdated information on your site. Who should I contact for correction?

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the details and will correct the information in a flash. Alternatively you can report incorrect data under the reporting form at the bottom of your company’s page.


Someone left an abusive comment. Can you delete it?

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the details and we will check it at our first endeavor. If it is indeed abusive and is against our site policy, then we will surely delete it.