Campus/Despatch Level 2 Deskside Support Technician

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NSC Global


Budapest, Pécs, Debrecen

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Organization introduction

We are professional problem solvers. Big problems, small problems. Everyday problems, unique problems. In the office problems, other side of the world problems. We can handle whatever IT challenges you throw at us, because we’re experts in IT networks, logistics, infrastructure and service delivery. We’re a team of 2,500, speaking 40 different languages, on all seven continents. We’re the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Job information

Business area



Customer Service Advisor Level 2



Job title

Campus/Despatch Level 2 Deskside Support Technician

Team / organisation unit description

Tasks and activities

  • Ensures that all requests from users for assistance are handled promptly and effectively; is pro-active to ensure that users make effective use of the facilities available to them.
  • Demonstrates commitment and ingenuity in expert application of available facilities to non-standard situations, diagnosing underlying causes of difficulties, and devising solutions or workarounds to ensure that the effect on operations is minimised.
  • For all requests that cannot be directly resolved, provides an effective interface at the highest level between users and service providers; ensures that priority setting and escalation procedures are applied effectively and that all complaints are responsibly and professionally resolved.
  • Regularly monitors the incidence, status and speed of resolution of enquiries and problems; is pro-active in devising improvements and recommending changes to systems, products or services.
  • Provides users with information on the medium and long-term plans and policies of the organisation for the provision of desk-top systems, products and services and advises on the impact of such plans.


Language 1:




Language 2:





Secondary education

Experience in this profession

1-3 years

Driving licence required


Additional requirements (certifications, special knowledge, software etc.)

  • Has 25 to 48 month’s experience in a Level 2 Deskside Support or similar role or.
  • Has gained experience (typically three year’s full time or equivalent) as a competent user of computer systems and has demonstrated an aptitude for ICT work.
  • Prior experience of working in a customer facing, end-user environment.
  • Proficient in Operating InfrastructureHardware with a working knowledge of the ICT infrastructure found in a corporate environment (e.g. hardware, databases, operating systems, local area networks etc)
  • Proficient with desktop Operating Systems with a working knowledge of common desktop applications (e.g. Microsoft Office, Oracle etc…) The application of automated systems to the support of specific business functions or processes.
  • The management of the interaction between two or more networking systems, computers or other "intelligent" devices.
  • Familiar with Corporate, Industry and Professional Standards

What we offer

  • World-class premises and working conditions
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Long-term opportunities

Additional information


Junior team member



Permanent employee for indefinite time

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