ExxonMobil is planning to expand, and many tasks will be brought to their Hungarian shared service centre.

ExxonMobil and the Hungarian government signed a strategical agreement. ExxonMobil was represented by Romke Noordhuis, Lead Country Manager in Hungary, and the government was represented by Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to the minister, ExxonMobil will have an important role in the future of Hungary because they can provide jobs for well-educated Hungarian professionals. Also, the business centre in Budapest moves towards high value-added services, such as controlling, IT, accounting, or taxation services.

According to the head of the Hungarian SSC of ExxonMobil, the local centre is planning to grow as well. Besides, the current 160 employees, the company intends to hire 300 more people in Budapest. He emphasised the importance of the employees, the capital city, the connections with universities, and the charity donations of the corporation.

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