Next Generation Shared Services Roadshow in Bucharest

SSC Leaders and representatives of the shared services & outsourcing industry gathered in Bucharest at the second stop of our Regional Next Generation Shared Services Roadshow organized together with Kinnarps. On April, 12, for the first time in Romania, leaders of the business services sector could join our professional event and talk about the present and the future of the industry.

From its launch in 2016, the primary objective of the Next Generation Shared Services Day has been to inform business services managers about the most important trends influencing the sector. The event provides innovative solutions and best-practices that help to take advantage of these trends and promote the development of the shared services.


The journey to the future

One of the discussions at the conference focused on the future of process and automation. Arjen Sader from Dentons and Bogdan Cojocaru, Accenture Romania pointed out the advantages of automation, debunking myths connected to it. We learnt that although automation will remove roles, it will also create new and challenging opportunities.

The future is all about data: Oscar Reitsma, TransparenT has highlighted the various benefits that your SSC can achieve by cleansing, enrichment and analysis of data.


People and knowledge

The new recruitment solutions that speed up the whole process of searching and screening candidates were presented by Zsolt Kelliar from SSC Heroes. "Magellan Pass is a software solution that helps pre-filter candidates, making possible to deliver a candidate to a client in one day." "Generation Y&Z doesn't have time for pre-screening interviews unless they know everything about the position -  this is why SSC Heroes started a technology solution that is going to bring more valuable candidates much faster.”

He was then joined by outstanding experts Irina Minzala, Accenture, Florin Godean, Adecco and Dragos Gheban, Catalyst Solutions to discuss and debate the latest recruitment trends, innovative best practises and employer branding findings. Based on their discussion, the future of recruitment is increasingly going digital. Traditional recruitment agencies need to move towards acquiring more innovative technologies and the age of apps has indeed arrived even in talent acquisition. Possible candidates need to be carefully divided into sub groups not so much based on what generation they belong to, but rather focusing on their experience, whether they are absolute new joiners, 1-2 years of experience or more. This is what really differentiates their motivation towards a company’s brand.

Location & Housing

Claudia Cetatoiu from JLL has given us valuable insights of how the future office will present itself. She went into details about which amenities should the office building have, how much employees actually value the office space, how aware they are about the various green certifications that office buildings can acquire. Gábor Paukovics from Kinnarps shared his thoughts on fundamentals needed to create a good workspace: the most important in every case is for tenants, for the actual employees to take part in the process of designing their office. The key is also to have elements of your office based on real demand. If it’s a soccer table – let’s go for it but it should be based on real demands not some made up cool idea. Gábor also highlighted the steps within the famous Next Office Concept that might be of high interest to leaders in the shared service & outsourcing industry.


Business in Romania

An Investment Landscape Overview

At the end of the day, viewers had a chance to get some updates on the investment climate in Romania from Raluca Popa, Project Manager from Invest Romania. Raluca answered some key questions by Anda Todor, President of AmCham Romania and shared with the audience the reasons for investors choosing Romania, the fact that increasingly more smaller cities join in attracting shared service centers and BPOs to invest in the country.

 The conference finished with a networking lunch and the promise to be returning to Romania soon.

Check out the official photos of the event HERE.

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