The Art and Culture of Questioning - Variations on a Theme

On September, 29 the „Variations on a Theme” event continued, organized jointly by MagiCom, the Ritz-Carlton and SSC Heroes in the theme of The Question.

At the second appointment of the exclusive business brunch for leaders of the business sector our aim was to inspire them both professionally and personally. Following the success of our previous event, this time it was all about the art and culture of questioning, and the questions among various cultures -  which can be the base of successful leadership as well. 

Did you know that one’s culture of questioning is one of the most important indicators of one’s intellect? ‘Let’s ask good questions!’ This was one of the main advice given to business leaders by Gábor Gundel Takács, Television host and Sports commentator. According to Dr. Kitti Almási Clinical Psychologist, one of the main learning points during the process of self-knowledge is when you realize that your questions are mostly about yourself. One of the key elements of really paying attention and asking a good question is when the focus is truly on the other person and not yourself.

But what happens when we land in a different culture? It’s very easy to make some minor or major mistakes in intercultural communication both during verbal and non-verbal communication. Dr. Erzsébet Malota, Professor at Corvinus University encourages the audience to try to understand the reasons and connections behind the norms. 

Asking questions is great. Asking questions while really paying attention and shifting focus from ourselves to the other person is more difficult, but it’s definitely worth it!

We can’t wait to see you at our upcoming event next March! Stay tuned for the next theme…

Check out the video on our Youtube Channel and read more (in Hungarian) on Piac&Profit.