The present and the future of the SSC sector & HR profession

It is the second time that our professional day for SSC leaders, the Next Generation Shared Services Day provided a platform for the sector to openly talk about the present and the future of the shared services industry. Topics including emerging cities and new competitors in the market, the effects of the digital transformation regarding office space, workforce and the HR profession were covered during the day.

We organized the event along with Kinnarps to gather the SSC leaders, HR Managers and other stakeholders to share ideas about the most important trends influencing the sector. The participants also had the chance to look at some of the latest innovative tech solutions and best-practices which could help the development and the reputation of the shared services industry.

New Competitors in the Market

One of the most important trends in the sector influencing the CEE region including Hungary as well is the global transormation of the SSC industry: new competitors emerged like Portugal, Spain, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Tünde Kis, Vice President of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) also highlighted this fact, and emphasized that this is a challenge we can manage by introducing the results of the SSC's already operating succesfully in Hungary, improving the first-class office supply and the ability to cooperate with local governments and universities.

Another trend in the region is the emerging Tier 2 locations: nowadays companies within the sector tend to choose other great locations besides Budapest in Hungary. One of these emerging cities is Debrecen - the Forest Offices project, which will inaguarate 22.000 square meters of first class office space in the city is one of the proof of the development. With its university, location and supportive municipality Debrecen is about to become an even more attractive place to start an SSC in the future. Mária Bartha (General Manager, Flowserve) has already reported very positively about the city and the support they received.

The latest player in the Hungarian SSC sector

We already reported the great news: FireslandCampina chose Hungary to establish their third SSC. At the event we had a roundtable discussion including Marc Gaaljard, General Manager of FrieslandCampina Service Centre EMEA to share his thoughts about the industry and the motivations behind their decision. He believes they can provide a great place for finance professionals to develop and have an outstanding career path as well.

The digital transformation and the tech solutions that comes with it

One of the trendiest topics nowadays is the digital transformation and its effects on the business world. It is not surprising that the SSC sector is also affected: Arjen Sader, SSC expert from EY predicts a huge impact on the everyday work as well.

"Flexible working hours, home office, automation and even the augemented reality like holographical meeting rooms will all cause the reduction of today's office space by 50%".

In "Tech Talks" some of most innovative tech driven companies discussed the necessity of digitalization & automation along with the latest tech solutions that can get the benefits of the digital transformation. Also, the digital transformation has a huge impact on the HR processes and the way we recruit. Péter Balázsik, GM of SSC Heroes talked with employer branding and HR professionals about that:

"The length of the recruitment process is in correlation with the number of lost candidates."

This causes the need to fasten the process and to adapt to the needs of the gen Y & the digital natives by using video interviews and social media for example. The future is definitely a quicker, digital-based recruitment process. This can be a huge challenge for the HR profession, but also an advantage: cost reduction, faster closings of open positions and most importantly: satisfied job-seekers and employees.

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