Through the Eyes of Employees - #mycitijourney

Motivations differ for everyone when choosing a workplace. Company values, career and development opportunities, the benefits package all play a role before one’s final decision is made, and we all hope that in the end, we have chosen just the right company for us. In our current blog post, three employees from three different departments share their motivation and the factors that keep them engaged at their chosen company. It’s their #mycitijourney.

Kővári Péter, Product Control Sr. Group Manager

What is the main thing you've always expected from a workplace and finally found at Citi?

I was looking for a place where people are rewarded for their performance, where employees are treated equal and fair. This I can see and I also promote with all of our actions. We strongly enforce a culture of meritocracy and provide equal opportunities for all.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face during your career at Citi? 

I had a few big challenges in my career, but that’s why we like Citi, it offers the opportunities to grow and to test our limits. If I have to name one my biggest challenge in Citi was when I had an opportunity to transfer to a role in NY.

Takács Viktor, Cyber Investigator
What is the main thing you've always expected from a workplace and finally found at Citi?

Independent work environment where my voice is heard.
Here, I help ensure that our client’s data is safe with us by providing thorough and precise work.

What does diversity mean to you as an employee of a global company?

Diversity means variety. It is important to be colorful in all areas, and I don’t just mean gender, race, age or other physical characteristics, but I also mean professionally. People need to have a variety of experience levels, field of expertise and also different personalities too. We have to learn how to cooperate, teach and learn from each other to have a pleasant environment to work at.


Elvira Mikhaylova, Third Party Risk Manager

Could you describe what working at Citi really means to you?

Working for Citi for me means :
- Constantly embracing CHANGE and making your team to benefit from it,
- Promoting and championing  INNOVATION in your daily activities
- Having the courage to take OWNERSHIP for the challenging areas.

How can you support the community of Citi as an employee?

I can support the community by demonstrating the key Citi leadership standards in my everyday behavior.
Recently I became very interested in the topic of active listening and coaching as a whole area. I think the listening part is often underestimated but it is a powerful tool we all can have to help each other in reaching great heights.

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