The first actors of the SSC sector appeared in the early 90s. Nowadays, more than 100 shared service centres operate in Hungary, employing 40-45 thousand people. In Budapest, 250-300 thousand square metres of office space is needed for the sector which is a significant share of the market.

SSCs are important actors of the labour market, they strengthen the real estate market and the economy as well. In reality, we should not fear that shared service centres move from Hungary, but Portfolio.hu observed the theoretical scenario from the aspect of the real estate market

The role of SSCs is unquestionable on the Hungarian office market. Also, the current economic and developmental tendencies would completely turn around if SSCs disappeared from Hungary because the sector moves an important part of the economy. Employees are usually young individuals, speaking various languages, and they work for 50% higher wages than the national average. This means that they are the consumers of numerous goods and services. The SSC sector provides 1.2% of the Hungarian GDP, therefore, the disappearance of shared service centres would affect the whole economy, not only the real estate market.


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